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The Spark Promise: More Than a Diet

A revolution is taking place–a community movement of millions of people discovering a new way of living and thinking about their weight, their health, and their lives. They are embarking on a journey with a proven system that builds confidence, supports personal growth, and inspires weight loss. And they are reaping great benefits, such as higher levels of happiness, more energy, improved health, the desire and ability to reach new goals, and increased connections with other people...

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Chapter 1: My Story

From a painfully shy child to a successful entrepreneur, I discovered my life's mission of helping others. SparkPeople was born.

PART 1 The Fuel for Improvement System

These four cornerstones are the philosophy behind the 28-day plan. By taking action in each of these areas, you can spark every aspect of your life.

Chapter 2 CORNERSTONE: Focus

Chapter 3 CORNERSTONE: Fitness

Chapter 4 CORNERSTONE: Fire

Chapter 5 CORNERSTONE: Positive Force

PART 2 The SparkDiet 28-Day Plan

We've taken our online program and distilled the best, most powerful elements into a fun, easy and incredibly powerful 28-day plan. Find out what can you accomplish in 28 days!

Chapter 6 STAGE 1: Fast Break

Chapter 7 STAGE 2: Healthy Diet Habits

Chapter 8 STAGE 3: Lifestyle Change

Chapter 9 STAGE 4: Spread the Spark

Resource Section

This section is packed with practical advice, fun workouts, delicious recipes, trackers and tips–everything you need to get started and see results.

Appendix A: SparkPeople Mix-and-Match Meals

Appendix B: Superfoods

Appendix C: Ten-Minute Workouts

Appendix D: Healthy Lifestyle Pledge

Appendix E: SparkPoints

Appendix F: SparkPeople Secrets of Success Member Survey Results

Appendix G: Tracker Pages



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